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Joining the Confraternity is not just a mere ceremony; it involves some obligations...
Enrol in the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary
Please, read the following obligations before you join the confraternity:

As a member of the confraternity of the Holy rosary you will be expected to share in the ever green mission of the Dominicans to spread the confraternity by:

  • Daily praying the rosary,
  • Giving out gifts of the rosary as often as you can,
  • Supporting the Rosary Apostolate and inviting friends to join in this mission.

If you agree, please submit your registration and stay in touch with us via our Website, e-mail, facebook, twitter, blackberry messenger, or visit the Itinerary preaching team of the Dominican Province of St Joseph the Worker, Nigeria & Ghana.
At 447, Old Ewu Road, Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria

Email: rosaryorgng@yahoo.com
Facebook: rosaryorgng dominicans
Twitter: rosaryorgng dominicans
Bbm pin: 2792EEB1

Enrol/Register below...
Age: Between 14-18yrs      Adult: Single       Adult: Married
Status: Laity      Religious       Priest

Pls, Repeat the text:

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