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There is a popular saying that: “Some give to the Mission by going, Some go to the Mission by giving, without both, there is no Mission”. Dominicans give to the Mission by going, but they depend on the goodwill of other Christian faithful to make their mission complete and fruitful. This goodwill can be shown through:

  • PRAYER: The greatest gift you can give to our Religious Order is your prayer: Pray for the success of our missionary apostolate all over the world and pray too for vocation to the religious life.


  • SPONSORSHIP: The Dominicans has Formation Houses in Nigeria, and Brothers are studying to take up major missionary apostolates. It takes an average of N150,000.00 to maintain each Novice, and N250,000.00 to train each Brother for one year. If you think you can sponsor a Brother, or make a financial contribution towards their training, please visit our vocation support website.





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