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By Friar Jude-Mary Owoh, O.P.


‘A genealogy of Jesus Christ, Son of David, Son of Abraham’ – Matthew 1:1

Jesus is the son of David because he fulfils God’s plan to establish the throne of David forever. He is son of Abraham because God’s promised blessings to all peoples is fulfilled when Christ was born, lived, died and rose to free us from sin and reign in our hearts. He is ultimately Son of God, the means by which God’s blessings flows to us. This human and divine connections establishes the fact that God always wants to bless us. With his connection to God, Jesus can enrich us with grace. With his human connection, we can become channels of God’s grace to others (family and friends) by our constant connection to Christ.

Jesus Christ is the bridge between God and man, connecting us to grace and power, to free us from sin and selfishness and enrich us with grace to live in justice and peace with one another. God’s grace is able to free everyone in the world of their inclination to evil and corruption and help us realise that our past does not define us, as much as our present decisions to make things better and work together for a better world and attain to heavenly peace as the children of God. We can do all these because Christ shares his Father’s blessings with us in Baptism. He has broken every evil “ancestral curse” (original sin and whatever your parent’s have done) and sets you on a path to eternal joy. Unlock your divine potential through faith in the graces which God lavishes on you.


Lord, I love you and want to do your will. Free my heart of fear, fill me with love for you and give me courage to bless others with the same blessings you have given me.


Genesis 49:2,8-10; Psalm 72:1-4,7-8,17; Matthew 1:1-17

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