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By Friar Jude-Mary Owoh, O.P.

‘Come to me, al you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest.’ – Matthew 11:28

We have bought a lie. We have somehow been tricked into believing that God’s ways are outdate, rigid and inconsiderate. It sounds pretty much like the idea the serpent inplanted into Adam and Eve’s mind. The truth can sometimes be bitter like medicine but it does make you feel better afterwards. Christ’s coming is meant to help us see that God understands whatever we must be going through. In his humanity, Christ has experienced the highs and lows of our earthly life. Even the things he didn’t experience, he learnt through his interactions with those suffering. God understands and He wants to heal your wounds if you let him. You might have grown weak from trying to find happiness by doing things your way. You might have made a few bad turns and you are not sure if God will understand. He understands, He really does. Those who hope in Him shall renew their strength. Just come to Him.


Lord, help me to listen with my heart and my head. Help me to trust you with my plans and decisions.


Isaiah 40:25-31; Psalm 103:1-4,8,10; Matthew 11:28-30


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